What To Expect

Starting hypnotherapy may seem daunting, how does it all work?

Not to worry, I’ve listed how your hypnotherapy journey can start from first point of contact, to the end of your sessions. If you have any more queries, visit our FAQ page to see if your question is there. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

1. The start of your journey to an improved you starts with a call or email.

2. If it’s an email I will then contact you to arrange a consultation, this can be on the phone, in person or on Skype and normally takes about 20 minutes.

3. We will discuss your individual needs and what I can offer during this consultation.

4. Please mention any trepidations or concerns you have on this call and we can discuss these to ensure you are fully relaxed and ready for the therapy.

5. You will receive an application form to complete and email/send back.

6. I will review this in preparation for the therapy session.

7. The first session will start with a brief talk to ensure you are relaxed and happy to continue with treatment.

8. Come to the assessment in good time and wear something that you can be comfortable in.

9. You will be guided into a relaxed state in which your subconscious mind will open up to questioning or suggestion.

10. Coming out of trance you will still feel relaxed, but alert enough to go on with your normal daily routine. You will be safe to drive.

11. After the session I will talk you back into conscious awareness.

12. I then offer a 10-15 minute debrief about the hypnotherapy to discuss any areas needed and book another session if required.

13. After your therapy has concluded it may be worth booking into an extra 30 minute session to learn how to self-hypnotize to help you face any issues in the future without the need to come back.

14. Recordings may be given to help aid treatment and will be free with the session to keep.

Important Information:

  • It’s completely normal to be nervous, so please don’t let this put you off.
  • I cannot force you to do anything you don’t want to do. See our FAQ on more about this.
  • All information is confidential (including consent/information forms and everything discussed in the session).
  • You can bring someone with you if this would help you feel more at ease.
  • Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.